Jenna has been fascinated with jewelry since childhood, playing with her grandmother’s collection of costume jewelry, and her other grandmothers’ collection of Native American jewelry. The design, texture, and colors of these pieces captivated her imagination and triggered her creativity to pursue her passion to create wearable art.

This passion and her love of the Southwest heightened her desire to work with the colors prevalent in her home state of New Mexico. Jenna’s designs primarily include turquoise, coral, onyx, and pewter, but she also uses some non-traditional beads in a manner representative of the Southwest.

Throughout her 20 years as a designer, Jenna’s focus on quality and detail have led to unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. From statement to understated elegance, you will find pieces that are perfect for every occasion.


Most pieces are 17” or longer. If you have a specific length or design you are looking for, please contact me through the contact page for information about custom pieces.